Getting rewarded for good behaviour isn’t exactly a new concept. It’s the reason we have all at one point, tried to not fail a maths exam, worked through our lunch break, and have bought slightly more expensive flights as frequent fliers. The premise is pretty much what Santa has built his entire racket on.

Good behaviour in a commercial setting is getting your clientele to come to you over your competitors, traditionally done through discounts, specials offers and the like. It’s introduction to loyalty building. Just give them something to come back for, and they will.

In the gaming industry, this member rewards system is as old as the meat raffle, and still largely as outdated. When everyone is offering the same discount at the Bistro, the playing field is levelled again. By and large, this is the result of “rewards” offered in the form of walk-out-the-door prizes being touted as a loyalty system.

The difference between a prize and a loyalty system is that a prize leaves your hands the moment your member walks out the door with it. A loyalty system on the other hand, offers your members a reward incentive that will make them walk back in.

At this point, someone usually raises their hand, and shouts, “We’ve already got a tiered loyalty program structure, so we’re ticking all the boxes!”

Well done, you.

Yes, a tiered loyalty structure is a great tool to use, but what are the end rewards for your members? Our money says prizes.

If you are handing out meat trays, petrol vouchers, gift cards, and prepaid monetary giftcards, and even cash, then you are still giving away prizes.

However if you are giving your members a single, convenient, reloadable place to securely store their reward points, promotional wins, cash and added funds to stash or spend as they choose at retailers across Australia, then it sounds like you’re already one of venues throughout the country that have taken up the Gobsmacked Loyalty system (thanks for visiting the site!).

If you fall into the first category, then please read on.

Whilst the benefits of our rewards for the member is nothing to shake a stick at, the benefits for the venue in adopting our technology as a loyalty system is more than worth writing home about.

Because our technology offers a reloadable prepaid eftpos card, your members are tied in to return specifically to you to gain an added dollar spending balance from promotional wins and the rewards points earned from your venue. And as our technology works in sync with both your current rewards program and back end system, you get the benefit of having automated promotional software including: allocated general ledger codes, external member spending behaviour reports, and an integrated marketing campaign. All of which is executed through one piece of brilliant software that is backed up by industry experts and round the clock technical support.

So if you’ve not been feeling the love lately from your fellow staff and members, give us a ring – our astonishingly clever reward technology will sort you out.