About Us

Gobsmacked Loyalty Solutions was built with its fair share of blood, sweat, tears and heartache. Like many eureka moments, the initial dream of GSL Solutions happened over a couple of coffees and a white board.

This one happened to take place on a Saturday morning in October of 2007, in the offices of Gobsmacked Entertainment, as Danielle was reviewing promotional strategies that would need to respond to new, and critical, industry changes.

The Australian government had just banned smoking in clubs and pubs in New South Wales. Within 6 weeks of this ban, Gobsmacked Entertainment went through a massive shake up, losing 7 clients in 6 weeks and gaining another 8. Like any industry imposed with game-changing regulations for their demographics, venues didn’t know if they should stop their current plan, or start spending and promoting.

Clearly the industry was going to have to start buying their gaming players.

Venues were going to need to adopt a loyalty program that provided a point of difference and move away from the “B Grade” rewards of gift cards, free meals and show case prizes that had ruled the industry for the previous decade.

Coming from an industry that was prohibited from monetarily rewarding their customers, over the next 20 months Gobsmacked Loyalty became the first system that converted gaming rewards points to a cash card spend by interfacing with all points-based gaming systems in Australia.

This system allowed customers to utilise for the first time, not just a gift voucher or a once off prepaid eftpos card, but a reloadable cash card spending solution for payments across all banks and eftpos devices throughout Australia.

Gobsmacked Loyalty formally hit the market in June 2009, with the launch of the GSL Card program at North Sydney Leagues Club. The launch was wildly successful, resulting in quick member uptake and
positive financial gains far ahead of the projected return on investment. This first program was the culmination of two years of product, program, and technology development perused by GSL and card issuer, Indue Ltd, one of Australia’s leading financial institutions for over 40 years and a principal partner of VISA and eftpos in Australia.

We attribute our success to the enthusiasm displayed by venues eager to offer their members more, as well as to the dedication and experience of our team and industry partners. In addition to leveraging the financial expertise of Indue and eftpos, GSL also carries the Club and gaming experience of sister company, Gobsmacked Entertainment, Australian Business Awards winner for Best Value Business.